Joe Biden denounces Donald Trump’s practice of power

Thanks to the Democratic convention, which inducted Joe Biden as his party’s candidate for the November 3 presidential election, The world relaunched its campaign log. A daily update, with campaign facts, political advertisements, polls, maps and figures that allow you to follow and experience the most important electoral competition in the world.

Joe Biden delivered a speech in Philadelphia, Pa. On Sunday, September 20.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden knows there is a good chance the Republican Party will quickly confirm a new Supreme Court justice, which would strengthen its right-wing foothold for decades. However, he took advantage of the activism deployed by the Republican camp to pose once again as the complete opposite of the outgoing president during a speech delivered on Sunday, September 20, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

The former vice-president first paid tribute to Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg while Donald Trump, in a press release made public Friday evening, then during a campaign speech delivered the next day in Carolina of the North, was content with more agreed formulas. Then Joe Biden launched into an indictment against a ” brutal practice of power »That the Republican will reveals according to him.

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While Donald Trump challenges him, contrary to custom, to publish as he did on his side, on September 9, the list of his potential candidates for a seat on the Supreme Court, Joe Biden endeavored to demonstrate how such a publication accentuates political tensions by designating potential targets for the opposing party, while making it impossible for those concerned to exercise their functions when it comes to sitting magistrates.

He then assured that if he is elected to the supreme office, he will consult elected officials from both parties before making a decision, to get the country out of a ” cycle “Judged deadly who sees a chain” actions and retaliation, anger and even greater anger, sadness and frustration at the way things are going “. Addressing “To the handful of Republican senators” who “Know deep down inside themselves what is good for their country”, the former vice-president invited them to “ respect [leurs] constitutional obligations “And” to be continued [leur] consciousness », And to oppose a confirmation before November 3 and the election of a new president or the re-election of the incumbent.

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