Joe Biden beats Donald Trump in remaining key states, but count could still last: US election live

Twitter pins tweet calling Joe Biden “President-elect”

Twitter issued a warning on Friday over a tweet from a prominent Democratic activist about Joe Biden’s possible victory, declaring it premature. “President-elect Joe Biden. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris”, tweeted Scott Dworkin, the founder of a Democratic committee dubbed “The Democratic Coalition Against Trump.”

The social network, which has concealed nearly one in two tweet from Donald Trump since Tuesday evening, did not cover up the message but added the following note: “Official sources may not yet have determined the winner by the time these comments were tweeted.”.

“The results in Pennsylvania and in the presidential poll were only determined by one source. Until a second source has come to the same conclusions, proclamations of victory must cite their source.”, reacted a spokesperson for Twitter.

Twitter, on the other hand, did not touch on many other similar Scott Dworkin tweets on Friday, such as this one: “ALERT: Joe Biden has been elected 46th President of the United States of America”. The platform justified itself by explaining that, in this tweet, he cited one of the sources recognized by Twitter, the firm Decision Desk HQ, specializing in the counts and projections of electoral results for the media. This cabinet considers that Joe Biden won Pennsylvania, giving him enough voters to be elected president.

Tweets likely to be pinned are those posted by accounts directly linked to the 2020 election campaign and which have at least 100,000 subscribers (or at least 25,000 “likes” on the post in question).


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