Joe Biden attacked again on his son

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With just under three weeks of the presidential election, the New Yok Post, a tabloid favorable to the President of the United States, published, Wednesday morning, October 14, an article aimed at weakening Joe Biden through his son Hunter Biden. The latter served in the past on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company, a sector in which he had no particular expertise. This presence is at the origin of the impeachment procedure initiated by Donald Trump, whom the Democrats accused of having paid for military aid and an invitation to the White House from his Ukrainian counterpart in exchange for opening investigations in Kiev. targeting the Biden family.

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The article from New York Post is based primarily on an email sent in May 2015 to Hunter Biden by Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the company’s board of directors. In it, the latter thanks him for having invited him to Washington where he would have met the man who was then vice-president of Barack Obama. Joe Biden has always assured that he never interceded on behalf of his son.

Taken over by Donald Trump’s campaign, which sees it as proof of corruption, the wording does not however allow to know if the Ukrainian adviser really met Joe Biden and if he asked or obtained anything from him. . The former vice president’s campaign team said in a statement that they have reviewed their agendas at the time and that no meeting as described by the newspaper has taken place.

Questions about the origin and authenticity of the documents produced by the New York Post, which they believe could have been hacked or fabricated, led Twitter and Facebook to limit their access to their platforms, to the chagrin of Republican Party officials who saw it as evidence of a bias in favor of the Democrats. The New York Post denounced a “Censorship”.

“Our communication on our actions regarding the New York Post article was not great. And block the sharing of the article’s Internet address with zero context explaining why: it is unacceptable ”, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey acknowledged Wednesday night.

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