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… but not for our columnist Marc Beaugé. On October 9, Donald Trump signed two decrees imposing more transparency on government agencies. The picture says more than long speeches.

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US President Donald Trump surrounded by Republican Party member, October 9, at the White House.
US President Donald Trump surrounded by Republican Party member, October 9, at the White House. Alex Edelman / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Day guards

One might think that a parterre of hair experts came to inspect Donald Trump's fleece to measure the evolution of his baldness of the vertex, but the reality is much less exciting. On the day of October, on the occasion of the signing of two decrees obliging the government agencies to be more transparent in their work, a squad of Republicans simply came back to remember that one must be a white man, have over 40 years old and wear a shapeless suit to exist right now in the United States. Formidable.


J.J. Goicoechea is a veterinarian, ranch owner in Nevada and chairman of the Eureka County Commission. Contrary to appearances, it is not a man of the shadow but a man of style. In fact, he is wearing the "cattleman hat", the traditional hat of American cattle farmers. Effective against the sun and humidity, practical for fanning a campfire and even likely to serve as a container for watering a horse, it is recognizable by its crown pinch to seize and remove without difficulty. Which, obviously, J. J. Goicoechea ignores.

Sharpie layout

Deciding to do everything worse than his predecessors in the White House, Donald Trump heals the details. This is how he gave up the fountain pen usually used by American presidents ("A very expensive pen that does not write well, horrible! " said Donald) to adopt a Sharpie, a low-end felt pen invented by the Sanford Ink Company in 1964, with which he now likes to affix, at the bottom of all official documents under his nose, thick and fat signatures. Priceless.

Baby's desk

"It looks like a child's desk. It's the smallest office I've ever seen, Donald Trump mocked in 2017, discovering this table, installed in the Roosevelt Room, a side room used for various meetings and official announcements. "Very, very glamorous, is not it? " he added. Two years later, how can we not see in this sentence a veritable flash of lucidity? In fact, if the true "Resolute desk" The president, installed in the Oval Office and offered by Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880, often appears disproportionate, this "desk" seems tailored to Donald Trump.

Node of the problem

As often, the American president wears a red tie, a striped model called "tie club". What to say? That it is unattractive, that it is too long or badly knotted (a part exceeds under the desk!), And that there is worse still, especially when one makes the bowler of the patriotism. Thus, the meaning of the stripes, starting from his left shoulder to go down to his right side, shows that it is a tie of European manufacture, whereas, for example, that of the man in gray on his right, with the opposite stripes , is of American manufacture. Unpayable, we told you.

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