In the United States, early voting reaches a record high for the 2020 presidential election

Posted at 5:49 p.m. yesterday, updated at 7:16 p.m. yesterday

The presidential election will be held on November 3 in the United States, but more than 33 million voters have already voted, either by mail or at polling stations open in advance, according to the latest data listed on Monday, October 20 by the independent Elections Project organization, based at the University of Florida.

Four years ago, at the same time of the campaign, only 5.6 million votes were cast in advance. A total of 136.6 million votes were cast for the election that resulted in Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

The record level observed for the 2020 presidential election is explained in particular by the coronavirus epidemic and the concern of a good part of the voters to avoid any risk of contamination in the polling stations on polling day. But it also seems to reflect the enthusiasm of voters, especially Democrats.

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Opinion polls indicate that most Donald Trump supporters intend to vote in person on “D-Day,” after the outgoing president repeated, without evidence, his distrust of postal voting.

In 52 of the 67 counties in North Carolina that opened their polls early, several hundred people could be seen, as here in Charlotte on October 15, waiting their turn to vote.
In order to organize the vote during the Covid-19 epidemic, the voting booths at the polling station in Durham, North Carolina, are disinfected before each use, this Thursday, October 15.
Residents of Lucas County, Ohio, line up behind plastic barriers and stand nearly two meters apart to avoid contamination.
On October 13, voters in Scott County in Georgetown, Ky., Cast their ballot at the public library polling station.  In states publicly disclosing which party voters belong to, nearly 54% of ballots were sent by Democratic Party inserts, compared to 25% of Republican voters.
In Arlington, Virginia, on September 18, hydroalcoholic gel was made available to voters.
Texas is a traditionally conservative state.  Since 1980, its inhabitants have voted for the Republican presidential candidate.  This year, however, polls show Democrat Joe Biden is in a position to challenge Donald Trump for victory.  On October 13, voters lined up to vote in Houston.
On October 19, at the Los Angeles County polling station in Norwalk, an elector referred to the mantle of U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.  She had publicly displayed a few days earlier with a similar coat on which was written:
On October 14, a pedestrian casts his mail-in ballot at an official ballot box outside an office in Norwalk, California.
A woman wears a mask with a message urging voter turnout as she lines up to vote on October 15, the first day of the snap elections, in Durham, North Carolina.
A man casts his ballot by mail at the Broward County Election Supervisor's office in Lauderhill, Fla. On October 5.  This state is one of the most crucial for the outcome of the election.
A student lines up to vote as early voting begins in Ann Arbor, Mich. On September 24.
On October 14 in Savannah, Georgia, the African American community turned out to vote in the thousands.  They stand in line for hours sometimes.


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