In the United States, centrist barrage fire against Elizabeth Warren's French ideas

The senator of Massachusetts, candidate for the Democratic nomination, sows panic with its project of nationalization of health insurance and wealth tax, imagined by economists of France.

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democratic nomination candidate, campaigning in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 7th. SARA D. DAVIS / AFP

The American progressives are falling from the clouds, such Anand Giridharadas, author of a remarkable book on billionaires philanthropists. "Amazing. Bill Gates, the great philanthropist of our time, is so attached to his own fortune that he refuses to exclude from voting for the re-election of a white nationalist demagogue facing Elizabeth Warren, regretted, on Wednesday, 6 November, the former journalist of the New York Times (NYT).

Indeed, the co-founder of Microsoft did not want to commit to voting for the Democratic Senator of Massachusetts against Donald Trump. "You know, I'm not going to make a political statement," dodged Mr. Gates on Thursday at a symposium organized by the major New York daily. In particular, the wealth tax of 6% per year beyond one billion dollars (about 900 million euros) and taxation on unrealized gains that want to introduce Mme Warren.

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Mr. Gates, who has assured that he has paid more taxes than anyone else in his life, believes the case goes too far. "If I had to pay $ 20 billion, it would be fine. But if you say I have to pay $ 100 billion, I'll start doing some math to find out what's left of me, " he said, arguing that it was a joke, which obviously was not the case. Elizabeth Warren did not fail to answer him: "Bill Gates, if it's possible, I'd love to explain how much you would pay with my wealth tax. Promised, it's not 100 billion dollars. "

On the same day, another figure on the left, JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon, who had planned to run in the 2020 presidential election, lashed out at the senator's anti-billion dollar rhetoric. "She uses very hard words. Some would say it vilifies successful people, " he lamented, accusing him of wanting to radically change the way companies are run.

Radical overhang against the rich companies