In the United States, a violent parody video of Donald Trump attacking the media is scandalous

The video was shown last week at the US President's Miami Golf Club at a conference of his fans. Several media have called the White House to denounce this clip.

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A parody video showing Donald Trump stabbing or shooting at media figures and political opponents was presented during a conference of US President's supporters in Miami, reported Sunday (Oct. 13). New York Times.

In a scene from the movie Kingsman: Secret Service – British spy comedy of 2015 – a man whose face is superimposed that of the President of the United States opens fire on people whose faces have been replaced by media logos, such as CNN, the Washington Post or NBC.

The unleashing of violence continues in a "Fake news church", where the character representing Mr. Trump repels followers and attacks the late Senator John McCain, Senator Bernie Sanders – one of his Democratic rivals for the next presidential election – or Republican Senator Mitt Romney, as well as the former President Barack Obama.

According to the organizer of the event, titled "American Priority" and held last week at Mr. Trump's golf club in Miami, the clip was shown as part of an exhibition on Internet memes (in French the "memes Internet", content taken and declined in mass on the Internet).

"American Priority" rejects all political violence and seeks to promote a healthy dialogue on the protection of free expressionAlex Phillips told the American daily.

The media, "enemies of the people"

"This is not the first time that the president's supporters have been promoting violence against the media in a video they seem to find amusing, but it's by far the worst", tweeted CNN. The TV channel estimated that Mr. Trump, the White House and his campaign team had to denounce this clip, otherwise it could "To be considered a tacit support for violence". The White House Correspondents' Association also called on Mr Trump to denounce this meme.

US executive spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Monday that Donald Trump condemned the video: "The president has not seen the video yet. He will see it quickly, but based on everything he has heard he strongly condemns this video. ", she tweeted. A spokesperson for Trump's campaign team for the 2020 election, Tim Murtaugh, assured Times that the video had "Not produced by the campaign team". "We do not tolerate violence," he added.

The media is regularly under fire from the verbal attacks of Mr. Trump and his supporters. During his meetings, the American president regularly encourages the crowd to boo journalists coming on the spot, calling them"Enemies of the people".


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