in Philadelphia, epicenter of tensions around the counting of ballots

People participate in a protest in support of counting all votes as the election in Pennsylvania remains undecided on November 4, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jason Andrew)


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It’s crazy what a red “MAGA” cap (Make America Great Again, Donald Trump’s slogan) sets the pace. Thus, Wednesday, November 4, in Philaldelphie (Pennsylvania), in front of the voting center of the Palais des Congrès, Matthew Berry, 27, repeated the same remarks over and over, in front of cameras around the world. ” What’s going on ? Where is the transparency? How to explain that suddenly in Michigan, Biden has 190,000 votes more “, accused the young Trumpist, who chained interviews to the media in pain of matter.

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The stake was nevertheless decisive, but there was a cruel lack of images to embody the drama. It was in this building that the counting of the postal votes for Philadelphia County continued. On this final count depends the tilt, or not, of Pennsylvania, this former steel state, in favor of Joe Biden and perhaps the outcome of the American presidential election.

A voter for Donald Trump in front of the polling center at the Philadelphia Convention Center on November 4.

To signify that it was the battlefield of the 2020 ballot, the CNN channel had inserted into its screen a skylight of this peaceful hall, where the ballots are counted: but no thrilling action to put in your mouths if not ‘is an extremely slow update of the votes: Wednesday evening, with around 82% of the ballots counted, Donald Trump received 51.7% of the vote in the state against 47% for Joe Biden, with a lead of 286,000 votes on more than 6 million votes. The day before, the outgoing president’s advantage was still 700,000 votes. This advantage should be further reduced, as the postal votes are counted in the two metropolises of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, very favorable to the Democrats.

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Outside, tension was mounting as a handful of Trump supporters and Joe Biden supporters revolted. A young democratic woman on a bicycle called out the man in the “MAGA” cap, Matthew Berry: “You’re not even from here. Get out. ” A Trumpist immediately took the defense of his comrade: “Why are you assaulting him? He didn’t come to interrupt you. This is why people hate you. ” A second Democrat retaliated: “I am interrupting fascism and sectarianism. ” Without forgetting the usual insult of “White supremacist”, even when there are blacks in the camp opposite. A dialogue of the deaf between two Americas who hate each other, separated by the bicycle police in Philadelphia.

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