halftone party at Bernie Sanders, Vermont

Bernie Sanders, Tuesday March 3, at Essex Junction, Vermont.
Bernie Sanders, Tuesday March 3, at Essex Junction, Vermont. MATT ROURKE / AP

Bernie Sanders dreamed of a wink of history. It was March 3, 1981, and he first elected mayor of Burlington ten votes in advance, alone against all. Thirty-nine years later, the progressive nomination contestant hoped to be able to announce a new March 3 miracle in his Vermont stronghold before his impatient activists for Super Tuesday. “We had won this campaign against all odds. For the presidential election, everyone said that it was not possible. But I trust: we will win the Democratic designation and beat the most dangerous president of the United States "said Bernie Sanders shortly after 10 p.m.

As with miracles, faith is important, and Bernie Sanders was forced to hope when results in the west of the country were not yet known and California was still voting. "We are doing a good score so far in Texas, we have won Colorado and we can win the largest state in the country, California", Bernie Sanders told his activists, who had been waiting for hours.

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It was a declining celebration: a white-hot room, delighted to be filmed live by CNN while the duplex with Joe Biden's camp in Los Angeles was sadly deserted, jet lag requires. But the audience was careful not to analyze the results in detail, to veil their face a little more. We laugh when Michael Bloomberg wins Samoa, we comment on CNN, which was forced to add progressive analysts to its platforms, we are ecstatic when Bernie Sanders is leading in a state when the count is only 10% votes cast, but we hasten, like Rob Gil, a 35-year-old computer scientist, to say that we will not know all the results until the next day.

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Because the news was not famous, with the victories chained by Joe Biden in the south of the United States, while Vermont was the only certain gain of Bernie Sanders. In this American Northeast, Sanders is supposed to be at home. "Massachusetts is the state of Elizabeth Warren. We will take it ", said Lauren Bickford-Busney in the early evening. Las, in reality, it was Joe Biden who won Boston, as well as Texas.

Here, no need to argue, Bernie Sanders is seen as a providential man. "To me, Bernie is almost like a prophet", Ali Dieng, African-American city councilor from Burlington, who arrived with his suitcase thirty-two years ago to join his wife and who took over the popular riding of Bernie Sanders, announced in the gallery. The " Prophet " has a reputation for never having changed his mind about his ideas.


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