French start-up allows conspiracy artist Alex Jones to continue streaming his videos on the Internet

According to our information, he pays the French company Streamroot to continue broadcasting its Infowars channel.

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On the Internet, Alex Jones is persona non grata. The conspiratorial logorrhea of ​​this figure of the American extreme right too often violated the rules of the major Western social networks, particularly in terms of hate speech. He and his television and radio network Infowars, notorious supporters of Donald Trump, were gradually banned in the late summer of 2018 from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, or Apple's application store.

Elsewhere on the Internet, however, they have not been silenced, and have been able to continue their crusade, homophobic and anti-Semitic hints, against a pretended "Deep state" conspiring against the Americans. At the end of October, one of Infowars' animators was still arguing on his website that vaccines were causing autism or that the government was impoverishing tap water to bog down the country's citizens.

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Created by three former students of Centrale Paris

Through internal documents and technical findings, The world is able to reveal that Infowars and Alex Jones were able to count on the French start-up Streamroot in the fall of 2018 to continue to exist online.

Founded by three former students of École Centrale Paris, Streamroot has developed a technology to optimize the distribution of videos on websites, using peer-to-peer technology. Technically, Streamroot allows a video provider to send the video file to a user only once. If a second user wants to consult it online, it will automatically be used by the first user, thereby reducing costs (hosting, bandwidth …) for the initial provider of the video.

This technology is now used by Infowars to broadcast live and around the clock. This in a context where streaming live video over the Internet remains expensive, when you can not take advantage of the infrastructure of large video platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook. The services provided by Streamroot are less well known, but now essential for Alex Jones and his colleagues to continue to display their rhetoric in live shows.


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