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From February 3 until June 6, the Democrats of the United States have voted to choose the candidate who will face Donald Trump in the presidential election of November 2020. A four-month process during which the 50 federal states and seven American territories will vote for their candidates in two forms of ballot: caucuses and primaries.

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Each of these ballots is indirect: people do not vote for their candidates, but for delegates who are "assigned" to the candidates. Only the candidates collecting at least 15% of the votes are allocated delegates. The number varies by state, from six representatives for the American Samoa Islands to 415 for California.

The process takes place on 19 dates, including nine days on which several states vote at the same time. The most important of these is the so-called "Super Tuesday", which takes place this year on March 3: 16 states vote on the same day to "allocate" nearly 1,400 delegates.

The calendar of Democratic primaries

The primaries, which are the most used type of ballot (49 out of 57 ballots), are quite simple: voters choose their candidates in a voting booth, by secret ballot. The caucuses, which are eight in number, are more atypical: voters meet in large public places (typically sports arenas) and vote by forming physical groups distributed in space: groups comprising less than 15% of voters are not considered valid and must join other groups, which are trying to convince them.

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The candidates have 3,979 delegates to share, the winner must therefore collect at least 1,990 delegates to obtain the majority and be invested by the Democratic Party. On this page, you can follow, after each election, the number of delegates won by each Democratic candidate.

Democratic primaries: the race for delegates has started


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