Donald Trump, the best candidate in Beijing?

Pending the signing of a trade deal between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, China sees an interest in Trump's re-election as president, as the latter weakens his own country.

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Chronic. The unrest in Chile, which led to the cancellation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, scheduled for mid-November, has merit: they have rejected the signing of a trade agreement between the president from the United States, Donald Trump, and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. The affair gives the negotiators a break and allows them to choose a symbolic place to seal their armistice. Mr. Trump would like the ceremony to take place in Iowa, a Midwestern agricultural state badly hit by Chinese counter-sanctions on soybeans. That's good, President Xi spent some time on an Iowa farm when he was only apparatchik and would return with pleasure.

Certainly, but why offer a political victory to Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign? Simply because the Chinese may have an interest in the re-election of Donald Trump. Bigre, it would be to understand nothing, with a president who multiplies customs sanctions, attacks the flagship Huawei, imposes visa restrictions on Chinese dignitaries. And yet, it is the small music that comes back from Beijing, relayed by an article of the magazine Foreign Policy published mid-October: "Trump is Beijing's best asset: Chinese officials want the US president to be re-elected because he is so weak. "

Trumpist Chaos

Indeed, Mr. Trump is a valuable asset for Beijing, as it weakens … the United States. Obama had embarked on a trans-Pacific trade deal to contain China. Trump left him. From Kurds to Filipinos, no one can trust Washington anymore, while Washington is in the midst of a civil war. That's the business of China.

Will the return of the Democrats allow a more constructive cohabitation of the two planetary superpowers? Not really: the American consensus of Americans is powerful, who can not stand to be relegated to second place. The Democrats, in any case their most leftist candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have a very little free-trade agenda and insist on human rights. In short, a America that has become coherent and really demanding under the Democrats may be more embarrassing for Xi Jinping than the trumpet chaos, which only gets, we should see in the trade agreement, concessions and a return to The starting point.

Everyone has come to notice this, including Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is having an amazing honeymoon with the Americans after a sham free trade agreement and Mexican acceptance to block migrants from Central America. . All trumpists? Authoritarian regimes are, which have detected the fake Trump wrestler. Putin is delighted, pushing his pawns and sees the Europeans return to a more peaceful relationship, starting with Emmanuel Macron.


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