Donald Trump stages a still uncertain recovery

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President Donald Trump, leaving Walter-Reed Hospital near Washington on October 5.

Donald Trump returned spectacularly to the White House, Monday, October 5, at the end of the day, at the time of the television news. After leaving the Walter-Reed military hospital where he had spent a little over three days, he posed briefly, his thumb raised then his fist raised, his right arm folded, before boarding a vehicle which transported him a few hundred yards away, at the foot of the Presidential Marine One helicopter.

The aircraft landed about ten minutes later on the south lawn of the White House. Donald Trump then climbed the side staircase of the house to pose for the photographers on the first floor balcony. He brandished his erect thumbs again before removing his mask as if in a challenge. He stayed like that for a few seconds before disappearing inside the house, without a word for the journalists present.

As shown in a strong video published later on his Twitter account, the president thus took care to stage an official returning to business after having triumphed over Covid-19, even if the White House doctor specified the same day as“He’s not out of the woods yet”. Before his departure, he multiplied the optimistic messages on his Twitter account. “I feel really good! “, he assured after announcing himself his discharge, without waiting for the press briefing of the medical teams scheduled for midday. “Don’t be afraid of the Covid. Don’t let him rule your life. We have developed very good medicine and knowledge under the Trump administration. I feel better than twenty years ago! “, proclaimed the president.

Sixteen messages listing what he claims as successes had been published in the morning on his Twitter account, all written in capital letters and concluded by the epiphora ” Vote “. After congratulating himself on the rebound of the stock market, he returned to aggression by attacking the media who had questioned the decision to come aboard an SUV convoy to the faithful who were hurried in front of the military hospital gates. “If I hadn’t, they [les médias] would have said I was rude “, he assured. The president has also shown his desire to resume meetings, just four weeks before the presidential election. “I’ll be back in the countryside soon !!! The phony media only show fake polls “, he assured.

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