Donald Trump on a tightrope


Posted today at 11h44, updated at 13h42

This Thursday, July 25, Donald Trump exults. The previous day, the House of Representatives of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's hearing put an end to the "Russian investigation", which has poisoned his presidency since his arrival at the White House in early 2017. On his Twitter account, which allows to read open book this unparalleled head of state, he welcomes it loudly. According to him, he is cleared of accusations of collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign and obstruction of justice. From then on, his Thursday agenda looks like a holiday: a trip to the Pentagon, where his new defense secretary, Mark Esper, takes office at 11:15 am, followed by a ceremony at the White House in honor of the workers. at 3.30 pm That's all for the official part.

That day, the president has plenty of time to devote half an hour to a telephone call to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, a former actor who was unexpectedly elected in April and now head of gambling in Kiev, after his recent victory in the legislative elections. Shortly after 1 pm, the White House reports their exchange in a terse statement. It only teaches that Donald Trump congratulated his interlocutor, discussed with him ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and considered a future meeting.

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This laconism, however, shatters two months later. Under the pressure of the Democrats, who triggered, the day before, a procedure to dismiss, the White House is resigned September 25, to publish the report from this conversation. Donald Trump is in fact accused by an anonymous whistleblower of using his function to ask a foreign country to investigate one of his political opponents, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden. And the document released by the White House is overwhelming.

Want to do battle

The sequence and pace of events, seemingly embarrassing revelations, the central role of this president who has left behind so many traces of his political DNA that can be imagined: the Ukrainian case has everything to "The perfect storm", an expression coined by an American meteorologist to describe, in 1991, an unusual climatic phenomenon. The Russian survey, by comparison, would be almost like a heavy shower.


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