Donald Trump mobilizes his base to counter the impeachment procedure

The Democrats' strategy on the Ukrainian affair puts the American president on the defensive.

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Donald Trump, September 26 at the White House.
Donald Trump, September 26 at the White House. CAROLYN KASTER / AP

By launching an impeachment procedure against Donald Trump, the Democrats have engaged in a war of movement that turns for the moment to their advantage. The Democratic House of Representatives of the House of Representatives, where they are in the majority, announced Sunday, September 29, during Sunday political broadcasts, that the whistleblower behind the whole affair could testify " very soon ".

That person, who would belong to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to the New York Times, revealed on August 12 the contents of a telephone conversation between the President of the United States and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, July 25, in which the first asked the second to investigate one of its political rivals , former Vice President Joe Biden. This report remained confidential for more than a month following a decision by the Justice Department.

The Inspector General of the National Intelligence Directorate, which heads all agencies, Michael Atkinson, appointed in 2018 by Donald Trump, should be heard on October 4. He had found the report of 12 August credible enough to inform then Acting Intelligence Director Joseph Maguire.

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"Democrats want to take everything from you"

Three House Commissions asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to provide them with documents that could inform the administration's role before and after the telephone conversation, as well as the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the US ambassador. in Kiev in May, Marie L. Yovanovitch.

Democrats want to know why the administration of Donald Trump has blocked for months, aid to Ukraine, and if this freeze could be a way to pressure President Volodymyr Zelensky. The committees plan to hear from five senior diplomats in connection with the Ukrainian affair, including State Department Special Envoy Kurt Volker, who resigned on 27 September without publicly providing explanations.

This unexpected rolling fire put Donald Trump on the defensive for five days. A new and uncomfortable situation for him, who has always been able to impose his pace on the information cycle since entering politics. He initiated a response whose first axis was developed through a film, recorded in the gardens of the White House, and published Saturday. In a dramatic tone, the President of the United States addresses his constituents by denouncing a real conspiracy. "Democrats want to take your weapons, they want to take your health cover, they want to take your vote, they want to take your freedom, they want to take your judges, they want to take everything from you", He said.


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