Donald Trump determined to reopen the United States as soon as possible

Donald Trump visits the Honeywell mask factory in Phoenix, Arizona on May 5.
Donald Trump visits the Honeywell mask factory in Phoenix, Arizona on May 5. TOM BRENNER / REUTERS

Donald Trump realizes the challenge he has faced since he weighed with all his weight for a return to normalcy in the United States. "I'm not saying that everything is perfect, will some people be affected?" Yes. Will some people be seriously affected? Yes. But we have to open our country and we have to open it soon ", he said on Tuesday May 5 during a trip to Arizona, the first away from Washington since the beginning of March.

The president, who visited a mask-making unit on site without agreeing to wear one for the example, was optimistic. "Now we know we can put out fires" Covid-19 infections, he said on Wednesday. Trump has shown particular confidence in the country's economy, betting on "A great transition" in the third quarter, just before the presidential election on November 3, when the second promises to be catastrophic.

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"I think next year is going to be an incredible year, economically. That said, if someone lost someone, you can never make up for that by saying, well, you're going to have a great year next year. "admitted Mr. Trump. "But I would say from an economic point of view, I think next year is going to be a very big year. There is a huge demand. You see it with the stock market He added as Wall Street wiped out some of the devastating March losses.

Delete experts

The primacy accorded to the economy, which was to be the main argument of his campaign in the fall, is confirmed by the gradual erasure of front line experts in recent weeks: the coordinator of the task force of the White House, Deborah Birx, and the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci. Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday that the team, which he officially heads, may be disbanded under the control of influential son-in-law and President’s adviser Jared Kushner. Donald Trump changed his mind the next day but for reasons other than scientific. "I didn't know how popular it was", is it justified.

American public opinion continues to overwhelmingly trust these experts or the governors responsible for containment measures rather than the president. And it remains overwhelmingly opposed to the reopening of most businesses, with the exception of food stores accessible in recent weeks, according to the results of a survey of Washington Post. This confidence in the capacities of states to contain the epidemic will be decisive for the resumption of the country.

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