Donald Trump denounces a "coup"

"I come to the conclusion that what is happening is not an" impeachment ", it is a COUP D'ÉTAT," thundered Tuesday, the US president on his Twitter account.

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Donald Trump has again raised his voice against the Democrats, Tuesday 1st October. Threatened by impeachment proceedings after revealing the content of a controversial conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, the US president denounced an attempted coup.

" I come to the conclusion that what is happening is not a "impeachment" it is a COUP D'ETAT, aiming to take the Power of the People, its VOTE, its Freedoms, its Second Amendment [of the Weapons Constitution], his Religion, his Army, his Wall at the Border, and the rights that God has given him as a Citizen of the United States of America! ", threw Donald Trump on his Twitter account.

Democrats believe that the president used his power for political ends by asking, during this conversation held on July 25, that the Ukrainian authorities are investigating the family of one of his political opponents. This is former Vice President Joe Biden, who could be the opponent of Donald Trump in 2020. The son of the latter, Hunter Biden, figured from 2014 to 2019 on the board of directors of a company Ukrainian gas. The case is part of the reporting of a whistleblower.

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"Try to remove that"

Donald Trump had already alerted his constituents in a video filmed in the gardens of the White House on Saturday. "Democrats want to take your weapons, they want to take your health cover, they want to take your vote, they want to take your freedom, they want to take your judges, they want to take everything from you"he had said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Donald Trump had already given an idea of ​​his state of mind by sharing a map of the United States, posted on Twitter by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who works in the dedicated campaign team to his reelection. This map was mostly covered by the red color, that of the Republican camp. Her only legend was the following: " Try to remove that ".

Experts in US electoral geography have argued that this was an incomplete map of the 2016 presidential election that gives a truncated idea of ​​political power relations. In fact, it gives a greater visual importance to rural Republican areas compared to agglomerations, most of them Democrats. Donald Trump was outdistanced by nearly three million votes by his opponent Hillary Clinton and won only thanks to the arithmetic of the electoral college.


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