Donald Trump caught up with the uncertainty related to Covid-19

Donald Trump meeting in Rochester (Minnesota), Friday, October 30.

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Donald Trump had hoped during the summer that a rapid restart of the economy would allow him to reconnect with his campaign message initially planned before the Covid-19 epidemic, centered on a flattering record. The strong rebound in growth, announced Thursday, continues to be highlighted by the president. “ You have to go back to 1952, you have to go back to 1961, many, many years ago, to find anything like that “, He assured before leaving the White House to beat the stands on Friday, October 30.

There has never been anything like this for any country, not just ours, for any country ”, he insisted a little later in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Joe “Biden will bring you poverty, misery, and depression. I will create jobs, jobs, jobs and the best economy in our country’s history , he also said.

The ” back to normal “ promised by Mr. Trump contrasts with Mr. Biden’s pessimism about Covid-19. The outgoing president, campaigning in the state of Wisconsin, particularly affected by the epidemic, has exhausted his Democratic rival. “He speaks of a long dark winter, it’s awesome, it’s wonderful. What our country needs is a long dark winter and a leader to talk about it , he quipped. “I am not going to close the country. I am not going to shut down the economy. I will stop the virus ”, Mr. Biden replied on his Twitter account..

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However, not all indices are as good as growth. The outgoing president no longer speaks of the Stock Exchange for several days, and for good reason. Wall Street ended sharply on Friday after recording one of the heaviest weekly and monthly drops since March and the start of the pandemic. The Dow Jones lost 6.5% in one week, and the Nasdaq, where technology stocks are concentrated, 5.5%.

Mr. Trump also did not speak about the new peak in contamination recorded on the same day. The United States has in fact recorded more than 94,000 new cases, the highest daily number since the start of the pandemic according to a count from Johns-Hopkins University which is authoritative in the matter. And the total of the dead is expected to exceed 230,000 on Saturday.

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