Donald Trump announces sanctions against Turkey

The US president said that the thousand American soldiers "will stay in the region" to avoid a return of the Islamic State group.

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US military in northern Syria, October 6, 2019. DELIL SOULEIMAN / AFP

US troop redeployment, congressional talks … After a week of conflicting announcements and in response to Ankara's offensive in northeastern Syria, US President Donald Trump announced on Monday (October 14th) a series of measures, notably commercial, against Turkey.

In a statement expressing his desire to quickly destroy the Turkish economy if Ankara persisted in its attitude "Dangerous and destructive", Donald Trump said he would soon issue a decree authorizing sanctions against Turkish leaders.

He also announced the suspension of trade talks with Turkey and the raising of US tariffs on Turkish steel to 50%. The US president also said that the thousand American soldiers "Will stay in the area" to avoid a return of the Islamic State group.

Discussions between Democrats and Republicans

House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi said earlier in the day that she had spoken with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and agreed to work with "Joint resolution to immediately annul the dangerous decision of the President" Trump on the withdrawal of US troops in Syria. She also argued for stronger sanctions than those proposed by the White House against Turkey.

"The president gave a green light to the Turks to bomb, and de facto blows up the chains (from the jihadist group) Islamic state, we must have a stronger draft sanctions than the one proposed by the White House ", estimated Nancy Pelosi. This project must also be common to both parties and to both Houses, she added.


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