Donald Trump and Joe Biden, remote duel in Minnesota

Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Duluth, Minnesota, September 18.

Two candidates in the same state: the outgoing president, Donald Trump, and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, are campaigning, Friday, September 18, in Minnesota. The displacement of the two septuagenarian candidates coincides with the start of early voting in this state, either in person or by mail.

In the evening, the tenant of the White House will deliver an outdoor speech on the tarmac of an airport in the city of Bemidji. The former vice-president of Barack Obama beat him in the afternoon to Duluth, a large city on the shores of Lake Superior, close to vast wilderness but also to the great mining region of theIron Range (the “Iron Chain”).

The Democrat has once again exhausted Donald Trump’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic, by directly appealing to minors in the region who had voted for the Republican billionaire in 2016, after decades of Democratic victories.

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” Times are hard “

“How many people across the Iron Range, how many empty chairs around the table at night because of his shortcomings and selfishness?” “Joe Biden said after visiting a union training center near Duluth. “Times are hard, unemployment has increased”, he recalled.

Deploring his management of the health crisis which killed nearly 200,000 people in the United States and plagued the world’s largest economy, he had called the president the day before “To resign”.

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The veteran of politics resumed Friday his new line of attack on the difference between his modest origins and those of Donald Trump, heir to a fortune. “I don’t respect people based on the size of their house. I don’t despise those who break their backs just to earn a living. “

Fighting the image of a reclusive candidate

After months of confinement and restricted movement around his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden resumed air travel at the end of August. Anxious to fight the image of a reclusive candidate that the Republicans brandish, he met voters and firefighters in the streets on Friday.

Despite the Covid-19, his rival travels the country for meetings in front of hundreds of supporters, and multiplies press conferences. “Sleeping Joe has no idea” of how to handle a pandemic, the Republican tweeted before flying to Minnesota. Democratic Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz called on the two campaign teams to abide by state rules to slow the spread of Covid-19.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton had won by a short head in this state on the border with Canada. Who thus becomes this time one of the States scrutinized closely because it could decide, in part, of the winner. According to the latest Morning Consult poll, Joe Biden has a slight lead (48% against 44%) over Donald Trump.

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