Democrats and Republicans at loggerheads on the investigation

Democratic Justice Committee President Jerry Nadler (left) talks to Doug Collins, the Republicans' number two at the Washington hearing on December 9.
Democratic Justice Committee President Jerry Nadler (left) talks to Doug Collins, the Republicans' number two at the Washington hearing on December 9. POOL / REUTERS

Democrats and US Republicans slashed on Monday, Dec. 9, offering their diametrically opposed findings of the impeachment investigation against Donald Trump, illustrating the deep partisan divisions that cross the United States.

The Democratic opposition has presented its case against the Republican President, ahead of a crucial vote in the House of Representatives on his indictment that could occur before Christmas. And parliamentarians could, according to several media reveal as early as Tuesday the two counts against the billionaire New York: the abuse of power and obstruction of the smooth running of Congress.

At the end of an acrimonious hearing lasting nearly ten hours, marked by sharp passes of arms, the democratic leader of the judicial commission left no doubt about his position. Donald Trump's conduct "Is obviously liable to indictment. This commission will act accordingly "said Jerry Nadler, without specifying the dates of the next steps. The billionaire "Violated his oath to the Americans, he put his own interest before our national security"he hammered. Mr. Trump "Still represents a threat to the integrity of our elections and our democratic system".

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"It's a shame, it's a shot up"

Republicans have held the White House defense line, denouncing "A political spectacle". The democrats "Can not get over the fact that Donald Trump is president" since his surprise victory in 2016, launched the Republican number two of the commission, Doug Collins.

Proclaiming since the beginning of the case that he did nothing wrong, Donald Trump said Monday he watched " a little bit " this river audition. "It's a shame, it's a shot up"he said again.

With their majority in the House, the Democrats initiated the impeachment investigation at the end of September after learning that Donald Trump had asked Ukraine to investigate the democrat Joe Biden, well placed to face him at the polls. In accusing him of abuse of power, they believe that the President has put pressure on Ukraine, including suspending a significant military aid to this country at war with Russia.

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Parliamentarians could also include the White House's refusal to cooperate in the impeachment "Unconstitutional"in a second charge: the obstruction of the smooth running of the Congress.

Given the Democratic majority in the House, Donald Trump will certainly become the third president in history, after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, indicted in the US Congress. Lacked by his troops, Richard Nixon had resigned before the vote in plenary. However, the billionaire should then be acquitted at the Senate trial, where Republicans are the majority and widely support.


Weeks of hearings and investigations did nothing, on the contrary: Republicans and Democrats still appeared firmly entrenched in their positions on Monday. "President Trump has spent months plotting to seek foreign aid in his re-election campaign in 2020"said a lawyer representing the Democrats Daniel Goldman.

Lawyer Steve Castor, serving Republicans, ruled that Democrats failed to demonstrate abuse of power during the investigation "Precipitous". He also mentioned Joe Biden and his son several times. Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of a major Ukrainian gas group, Burisma, when his father was vice president of Barack Obama. This leads the president to accuse them, without proof, of being corrupt. These accusations are among the many fires put on by the Republican president to delegitimize the battery of investigations that has targeted since his arrival at the White House in January 2017.

Before the Ukrainian case, the more than two years of investigation into the Russian case were, as " witch hunt " according to him, even a "Coup attempt". But an official report released Monday largely contradicted his allegations, stating that the FBI had no ulterior motive when he opened an investigation in 2016 into possible links between Donald Trump's campaign team and Moscow. .

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice, Michael Horowitz, points out, however, that some agents subsequently committed "Errors and omissions". What comfort the American president.

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