climate change creeps into the countryside

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Donald Trump during a rally at Minden-Tahoe (Nevada) airport, Saturday, September 12.

Donald Trump was forced to change his agenda to add a Californian stopover to the tour started on Saturday, September 12 in the American West. Dozens of devastating fires, fueled for days by chronic drought and high winds, are currently ravaging Washington state, Oregon and California. At least 16 casualties have been identified in recent days, but Oregon Emergency Management Services Director Andrew Phelps has said he is preparing “To a considerable number of deaths, based on what we know of the number of buildings destroyed”, large areas are still inaccessible for the moment.

Ignoring this disaster hitting Democratic strongholds was becoming increasingly tricky for the president, who recently visited two republican states hit by natural disasters, Iowa and Texas. But the trip to California is a challenge for Donald Trump. His opponent Joe Biden assured in a statement published on Saturday devoted to these fires that “The science is clear and deadly signs like these are unmistakable: climate change poses an imminent existential threat to our way of life.” “President Trump may try to deny this reality, but the facts are undeniable. We absolutely must act now to avoid a future defined by an endless succession of tragedies like the one American families endure today ” in this region, he added.

Donald Trump, who has only mentioned these fires twice since they took on this scale, praised his administration’s environmental record on September 8 during a trip to Florida. “We currently have the purest air that we have ever had in this country, say in the last forty years,” he assured, while the images of orange skies appear on the front page of the American media. The air quality index on Saturday morning in Salem, the capital of Oregon, reached 512 on a scale that usually runs from 0 to 500, the worst result since the start of these measurements, in 1985.

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