Bernie Sanders given Nevada caucus winner

And two! After a first victory in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders leads the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, February 22. According to the results, covering 4% of the polling places, Bernie Sanders has a very large lead over his rivals with 45% of the delegates from this western state.

The American television channels declared the victory of the senator of Vermont on the basis of projections and preliminary results giving him a very large advantage on the trio made up of the former vice-president Joe Biden (19%), of the moderate Pete Buttigieg (16%) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (11%).

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This third round of the Democratic primaries puts the 78-year-old Socialist senator in a very favorable position before the avalanche of "Super Tuesday" on March 3, when fourteen states will vote. Triumphant in front of the crowd who came to cheer and shout "Bernie", the senator was already Saturday in campaign in Texas, heavyweight with the California of the States which will vote for this great electoral day. “We are going to win here in Texas. We're going to win across this country because the Americans are fed up with a president who lies all the time. ", he said to cheering supporters in San Antonio.

A warning from Buttigieg, Biden's hope

Congratulating Bernie Sanders on his victory, Pete Buttigieg however warned against the danger, according to him, of designating to wear party colors a socialist for whom capitalism is "The origin of all ills". "Senator Sanders believes in an unyielding ideological revolution that forgets most Democrats, let alone most Americans"launched Mr. Buttigieg, who seeks to present himself as a better asset to beat Donald Trump.

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Long-time favorite, former vice president Joe Biden praised his results, which appear to place him second in Nevada, after two humiliations in the first votes. "And now we're going to South Carolina to win and we're going to get over it", he launched. Popular with minorities, the former right-hand man of Barack Obama intends to make a good score next week in this southern state, where blacks represent more than half of the democratic electorate. And then compete with Pete Buttigieg for the status of best moderate alternative to Bernie Sanders.

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For his part, Republican President Donald Trump observes, ironically, the Democratic battle. "It looks like Bernie the Fool is doing a good job in the Great State of Nevada. Biden & the others seem weak. "


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