After a chaotic first debate, Biden and Trump hit the road

In the aftermath of a first abrasive debate against Donald Trump, Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden described Wednesday, September 30, the behavior of his Republican rival as a “National shame”.

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The former vice-president of Barack Obama left by train to cross two states: Ohio and Pennsylvania, industrial lands where he himself has his roots and swing states that Donald Trump had won in 2016. The goal of the septuagenarian is to capitalize without delay on the debate the day before, less than five weeks before the presidential election of November 3.

Despite the ninety minutes of disorder live in front of tens of millions of Americans, the Democratic camp seems reassured by the performance of its 77-year-old candidate who, without sitting down or taking a break according to the rules of the ‘show, showed that he was not the near senile old man so often mocked by Donald Trump, 74.

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From Washington, where he returned in the night, the president, he made an angry assessment of the first face-to-face on Twitter before a meeting in the evening in Minnesota. He thus portrayed his adversary as a threat to the energy sector, employment, the right to bear arms or even the “Law and order”.

Obviously anxious to appease the heated controversy arising from his statements the day before, the President of the United States also called on the far-right militias to “Let the police do their job”. “I don’t know who the Proud Boys are”, he thus affirmed, evoking this nationalist group that he had called during the debate against Joe Biden to “Keep ready”.

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Measures to “maintain order”

While commentators did not have words harsh enough to describe yesterday’s debate, without any confrontation of ideas, some called for the cancellation of future face-to-face meetings. In response, the organizers announced new measures to ” maintain order “ during the next two televised duels on October 15 and 22. “The debate last night made it clear that an additional structure had to be added (…) in order to ensure a more structured discussion ”, detailed in a press release the independent body.

After each debate, express polls are carried out by the media to find out who won. According to such a CBS survey, the balance is tilted in favor of Joe Biden, but 69% of spectators mostly said they were “Annoyed”. It should be remembered that in 2016 Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of her three debates against Donald Trump.

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On October 7, it will be the turn of their running mates, Vice President Mike Pence and California Senator Kamala Harris, to face each other in a televised duel.

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