African-American man, who was held by a rope by Texas police last year, files complaint

Donald Neely filed a complaint on October 7.

A case that had caused a stir last year is experiencing a new twist. A black man, whom two white Texas policemen on horseback had held by a rope, filed a complaint against the city of Galveston and its police department, his lawyer confirmed Monday (October 12) to Agence France Presse (AFP).

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In August 2019, Donald Neely was arrested for trespassing. Two white police officers, mounted on horseback, had escorted him on foot after tying a rope to his handcuffs, an image reminiscent of the days of racist lynchings in the United States. He had thus crossed several blocks, in the center of the small seaside town of Galveston, in front of passers-by, some of whom had documented the facts.

A photograph had in particular circulated on social networks and aroused the indignation of Internet users denouncing degrading treatment.

In the complaint filed on October 7, Donald Neely describes the actions of police officers as“Extreme” and of “Scandalous”. The complainant also states that he had “The impression of being exposed as the slaves were” in a situation that caused “Shame, humiliation and fear”. He demands compensation of a million dollars.

The stopped rope technique

“What happened to Donald is just not normal”, his lawyer Julie Ketterman told AFP on Monday. “It’s not just about money, it’s about what is right or unfair for everyone, whether black or white, whether they have a mental illness or not, whether they are without. – sheltered or not. “

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Neely, who suffers from mental disorders, was homeless. He had been surprised as he slept inside a building by two officers from a new horse patrol unit.

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The local press at the time wrote, citing the town of Galveston, that he had been charged with trespassing several times in the past.

The local police chief, Vernon Hale, who is black, had also communicated, assuring that the technique of the rope was taught to the police officers to convey arrested people, but that he had decided to put an end to it. . He had apologized to Donald Neely and clarified that the latter should normally have been driven to the police station in a motor vehicle, but that only mounted police officers were available.

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