UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman obsessed with migrants

The scene was stunned by its excess: invited during the annual conference of the tories to debate “the future of conservatism”, Tuesday, October 4, Suella Braverman, the interior minister of Liz Truss, exclaimed all smiles that ” his dream “, and even his ” obsession “was that ” the Daily Telegraph [le journal de la droite britannique] devotes its “one” to the photograph of a plane taking off for Rwanda”.

Mme Braverman was referring to the highly controversial politics of Priti Patel, who preceded her on the inside until September. The latter has signed an agreement with Kigali for the deportation of people who have crossed the Channel by boat. The latter, on the grounds that they would have “illegally” reached English shores, would be refused asylum in the UK and would have to apply in Rwanda, even though they have no family ties in the East African country.

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Even the very right-handed Priti Patel did not dare ” dream “ out loud to deport people in distress en masse. She had certainly fervently defended these deportations, condemned by the United Nations as “contrary to the spirit and to the letter” of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. But she had preferred to insist on the need to put an end to the “deadly traffic” smugglers to better protect “those who really need it and take the legal route”.

far right line

Mme Braverman, 42, a law graduate from the universities of Cambridge and the Sorbonne, proves in any case that one can be of immigrant origin and defend an extreme right line. His father and mother, both of Indian origin, arrived from Kenya and Mauritius respectively in the 1960s and they “admire and feel gratitude for what the UK has achieved in Mauritius, Kenya and India”assured their daughter. “It’s not racist to want to control our borders and it’s not hypocritical to have this type of opinion when you come from ethnic minorities”she added, from Birmingham.

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Cultivating a fierce anti-woke profile, this former attorney general for England and Wales in the Johnson government is also a fervent Brexiter – she briefly chaired the European Research Group, the club of elected Eurosceptic Conservatives in Westminster. Elected MP for the first time in 2015, she has set herself the main objective since being appointed inside “work more with France” for “end it” with dinghies crossing the English Channel, promising legislation to “to ensure that the only way to win the UK [soit d’emprunter] safe and legal roads”, without going into further details.

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