Two new arrests in the United Kingdom's mass grave truck investigation

The bodies of 39 Asians were discovered on Wednesday in a heavyweight trailer near London. The driver of the vehicle is still in custody.

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The truck in which 39 bodies were discovered Wednesday, October 23, in Grays, UK. BEN STANSALL / AFP

British police announced Friday (October 25th) that they had arrested two people following the discovery of the bodies of 39 people in a truck near London. The 38-year-old man and woman arrested in Warrington, northern England, are suspected of human trafficking and killings, the police said.

The 39 bodies were discovered in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in the trailer of a truck parked in an industrial area of ​​Grays, Essex, about thirty kilometers east of London. The trailer containing them had arrived shortly after, after a journey of about nine hours, from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to Purfleet, on the Thames, where the truck had taken charge of it. The 25-year-old driver from Northern Ireland was immediately arrested and remains in custody in a murder case.

Horror and indignation

The transfer of the bodies began to a nearby hospital, and the first autopsies are to take place on Friday, police said, warning that the«Formal identification (the victims) will be a long and crucial part of the investigation ". After announcing that they were Chinese nationals, the police said on Friday that this information was likely to change with the identification process and that other nationalities could be affected.

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These deaths provoked horror and indignation, as well as numerous calls to strengthen the fight against illegal immigration channels, with increasingly risky methods in the face of the reinforcement of controls.


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