Two arrests in Vietnam as part of Britain's mass grave truck investigation

The bodies of 39 migrants were discovered during the night of 22-23 October in a refrigerated truck in an industrial area of ​​Grays, near London.

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Vietnamese police arrested two people suspected of being involved in the tragedy of the refrigerated truck found in Britain with 39 bodies, possibly Vietnamese migrants. The two people were arrested in the central province of Ha Tinh, according to a statement from the local police. No further details were provided on these two suspects arrested for "Illegal immigration organization".

These two arrests occur after those of four people arrested in Britain. The driver of the truck, Maurice Robinson, 25, from Northern Ireland, was arrested and detained by the British courts until 25 November, when he will plead guilty or not to the London Criminal Court. the Old Bailey. The bodies of 39 migrants were discovered in the night of 22-23 October in a refrigerated truck in an industrial area of ​​Grays, Essex, about 30 kilometers east of London. The British police have so far given no indication of the causes of their deaths.

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The container carrying the 31 men and 8 women had arrived by ferry at Purfleet harbor, on the Thames, from Zeebrugge, Belgium. The victims have not yet been formally identified, pending DNA test results, but some may be from poor areas of central Vietnam. While the first information from the British police suggested that the victims were Chinese, doubts then appeared. At least two families living in central Vietnam have expressed their fears that their children, with fake Chinese passports, have perished in the refrigerated vehicle.

Two suspects still wanted

On Friday, Eamon Harrison, a 23-year-old man, appeared before the Irish High Court of Justice in Dublin for 39 manslaughters and human trafficking. According to Guardianthe justice suspects him of having transported the container to the port of Zeebrugge, before his crossing to England. British police requested extradition. Originally from a northern Irish village near the border town of Newry, the man was held in custody until November 11, said a spokesman for the prosecution.

Two suspects have been sought after since Tuesday by the British authorities. Ronan Hughes, 40, and his brother Christopher, 34, from Northern Ireland, are suspected of manslaughter by the Essex police, who called for a witness call. "Although we have already spoken with Ronan Hughes by phone, we need to have a conversation with his brother and him in real life"Essex chief police inspector Dan Stoten said Friday at a press conference. "Talking to Ronan and Christopher is crucial to our investigation, he added. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can progress in our investigation. "


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