The farewell of Nigel Farage to the European Parliament, this may be a detail for you …

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, on January 29, at the European Parliament in Brussels.
The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, on January 29, at the European Parliament in Brussels. Sean Gallup / Getty Images / AFP

Will laugh well…

Morale in socks? Quite the opposite. This Wednesday, January 29, in Brussels, Nigel Farage, leader of the British far right, chief architect of Brexit, is participating in his very last session in Parliament as a Member of the European Parliament, and he is jubilant. It even looks like he's boasting. After years of fighting that many thought was lost, he has good reason to take advantage of it. In two days, the divorce will be effective and the troubles will begin.

Features of disunity

If Nigel Farage's socks are English, his costume is not to be outdone. In fact, these pinstripe stripes, consisting of a series of dots separated by 1/30e inch, or less than a millimeter, is an English invention dating from the early 19th centurye century. At the time, these allowed banks, each with their own type of stripes, to distinguish their employees from those of their competitors. Which, by the way, may explain why they are called in France "tennis stripes". No doubt linked to the enthusiasm of bankers for this elitist sport?

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Flag bearer

Stylish men have always struggled with the question of whether socks should match pants or shoes (our answer: both options work and it is even possible not to tune your socks to anything), this photo will at least allow them to agree on the obvious: harmonizing your socks with your passport, or, worse, your ideology, is not an acceptable alternative from an aesthetic point of view.

Good end of sole

After making Brexit triumph, Nigel Farage can finally ease off, and reveal in passing the fairly worn underside of his black oxfords. The opportunity to remind that it is advisable, to save leather soles, to wear your shoes for about a week, so that the sole is done, then to put on a skate as well as an iron on the front. But this is only a humble suggestion. We would be remiss if we imposed yet another European directive on Mr Farage.

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At the time of departure, and therefore of the balance sheet, let us recall that Nigel Farage was pleased to receive for many years a remuneration as an MEP of approximately 9,000 euros monthly. Let us add that, like other Eurosceptics, he was singled out for having used his allowances to pay parliamentary assistants who never set foot in Brussels and logically summoned to reimburse 40,000 euros. Finally, it should be noted that Nigel Farage has announced that he is waiving his severance benefits. Too bad, 179,000 euros, that's a lot of Union Jack socks.


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