Queen Elizabeth II calls the British to unity, Boris Johnson admitted to hospital

Queen Elisabeth, April 5. Buckingham Palace / via REUTERS

In a very rare televised speech, Elizabeth II addressed the British, Sunday evening April 5, to call them for courage, unity and respect for containment measures which are increasingly difficult to keep up with the arrival Good weather. The hour is serious in the United Kingdom, where the epidemic caused by the coronavirus is racing and the number of deaths has jumped in recent days (619 deaths recorded on Sunday, for a total now approaching the 5,000 deaths in hospital ). Sunday evening, shortly after the sovereign's speech, Downing Street reported that Boris Johnson, who tested positive on March 26, had just been hospitalized. "This is a precautionary step, with the Prime Minister continuing to exhibit persistent symptoms for ten days after being tested positive for the coronavirus. "

The sovereign with exceptional longevity (94 years on April 21, 68 years of reign) began by thanking the personnel of the NHS, the British health system " in the first line ", "Those working in retirement homes, those who carry out essential roles, who, without selfishness, continue to do their duty outside their homes to help us all". The Queen also thanked "Those of you who stay at home, helping the most vulnerable in this way."

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Referring to national resilience during the Second World War, Elizabeth II, who was a teenager during this conflict, hoped that " in the years to come, everyone can be proud of the way they have taken up the challenge. And those who come after will tell us that this generation was one of the strongest. That personal discipline, determination in relative good humor, and attention to others always characterize this country. " The Queen concluded a speech, largely written by herself according to the Sunday Times, with a note of hope, ensuring than :

"Better days will return, we will be with our friends again, with our families, we will meet again. "

Rare word

It is the fifth address of its kind in the country, for a queen who cultivated a very rare word throughout her reign. She pronounced one for the Gulf War in 1991 (" the country is proud of its armed forces ”), another on the occasion of the death of Princess Diana in 1997 ("I speak to you with all my heart, as a queen and as a grandmother"), one for the funeral of his mother, Elizabeth, in 2002 ("Thank you for the love you gave him during his life ”) And one for its jubilee (50 years of reign), in 2012. All the details were significant this Sunday: the serious air, the very sober emerald green dress, the stripped down office, without family photos, just flowers in pot.


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