Nigel Farage offers Boris Johnson a legislative alliance

Nigel Farage announced that his Brexit Party would run candidates against the Conservative Party, unless Boris Johnson gets closer to his hard line.

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"We are going to play all the seats in England, Scotland and Wales. Do not doubt, we are ready, "threatened Nigel Farage.
"We are going to play all the seats in England, Scotland and Wales. Do not doubt, we are ready, "threatened Nigel Farage. ALBERTO PEZZALI / AP

The campaign for the general elections has barely begun for Boris Johnson. Friday 1st November, the europhobe Nigel Farage warned the British Prime Minister that his Brexit Party would fight "In each constituency of England, Scotland and (of) Wales " during the early December 12 elections, unless Mr. Johnson withdraws his divorce agreement with the European Union and accepts an alliance with pro-Brexit parties.

Prime Minister, who is counting on this early ballot to regain a majority, has embarked on the campaign as one that will finally implement the exit of the European Union (EU), deadlock three and a half years after the referendum 2016.

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Donald Trump's appeal

Figure of the camp "Leave" in 2016, Nigel Farage responded with a splash, inviting Thursday Donald Trump in his daily broadcast on LBC radio. The US president did not beg to criticize Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, and called for a Johnson-Farage alliance for the elections. Such an alliance would be "Impossible to stop"said Thursday night Donald Trump.

Galvanized, Mr. Farage asked the Prime Minister to come back on the agreement painfully negotiated in Brussels in October, which is not "Not a Brexit"in exchange for a " a pact of non-agression ". He would then present only 150 candidates in ridings held by Labor, seats that the Conservatives have never managed to win.

"Legislative elections are a chance to start from scratchhe hammered. The most important is an alliance of the "Leave" which wins a large majority in Parliament and implements a Brexit franc. "

This attempt seems doomed to failure, Boris Johnson has always refused to consider such an alliance, a position still reaffirmed Friday morning by several officials of the Conservative Party. But it allows Nigel Farage's Brexit Party to attack the head of government, who has been a Brexit champion since coming to power at the end of July, but failed to get out. his EU country on 31 October as he had promised. Rejected three times, the exit of the Union is now scheduled for January 31.

These elections, the first held in December since 1923, are unpredictable and each alliance, whether in the camp of pro-Brexit or anti-Brexit, can radically change the situation after four years of political crisis.

At the end of May, when the United Kingdom held a reluctantly organized European election, the Brexit Party came in first with 31.6% of the vote. He is now credited with 11% of the vote, according to Britain's poll aggregator Britain Elects, which puts the conservatives in the lead at 36%, ahead of the Labor at 25%. But many commentators consider the outcome difficult to predict.

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