In the United Kingdom, the man arrested near Buckingham was interned

He had been arrested on Tuesday evening for throwing what appeared to be shotgun shells in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. This 59-year-old man was interned, London police said Thursday, May 4.

apprehended “under the Mental Health Act”which allows authorities to arrest and treat a person with mental health problems without their consent, it was “taken to hospital”police said in a statement. “He will remain on bail while receiving medical treatment”she added.

The man was arrested on Tuesday around 7 p.m. (8 p.m. in Paris), suspected of being armed with a knife and after approaching the gates of the palace and throwing what could be rifle cartridges into the park. .

The security forces had also detonated a bag belonging to the suspect as a precaution, following this arrest which occurred a few days before the coronation, Saturday, May 6, of King Charles III, which is to be attended by sovereigns and other leaders. of the whole world.

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According to British media, neither Charles III, 74, nor his wife Camilla, 75, were at the palace at the time. The king’s services did not comment. The thoroughfare leading to Buckingham Palace has been closed to traffic ahead of the coronation, the first to take place in the UK for seventy years.

Thousands of soldiers will take part in the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, and huge crowds are expected. The security operation planned to secure the route followed by this procession is one of the largest in recent years in the United Kingdom. It will rely on rooftop snipers and undercover agents, as well as airport detectors, sniffer dogs and a no-fly zone over central London.

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