In the Bundestag, the very political speech of King Charles III

Those who wondered if, by becoming King Charles III, Prince Charles would learn to speak to say as little as possible, an art in which his mother Elizabeth II excelled for seventy years, know that this is not the case. . The speech he gave from the rostrum of the Bundestag on Thursday, March 30, was proof of this.

On the second day of his trip to Germany, the first foreign country he has visited since his accession to the throne – his stay in France planned for the start of the week having been postponed due to the social climate in France – Charles III did not is not satisfied with conventional remarks on German-British friendship. On two hot topics of the moment, he defended clear positions.

The war in Ukraine, first. “The war of aggression against Ukraine has caused unimaginable suffering to innocent people. Countless lives have been destroyed; freedom and human dignity have been brutally violated. Europe’s security is just as threatened as our democratic values.”did he declare. “We are devastated by this terrible destruction. But we can draw courage from our unity – to defend Ukraine, peace and freedom. »

Proximity between the two countries

While the positions of the Germans and the British vis-à-vis Ukraine have often appeared out of step in recent months, the caution of the former contrasting with the voluntarism of the latter, in particular on arms deliveries, Charles III on the contrary underlined the unity of view between London and Berlin. “As the main European donors to Ukraine, we have reacted with determination and made choices that would have been unimaginable before. Germany’s decision to provide such strong military support to Ukraine is extremely courageous, important and welcome.”greeted the British sovereign.

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Second subject, which we know is dear to the new monarch: climate change. “Our two countries are today the biggest producers of offshore wind energy in Europe”he recalled, also welcoming their joint involvement in the development of hydrogen, an energy “likely to transform our future”.

“King Charles gave a very political speech in front of the Bundestag. I’m not sure his mother, Queen Elizabeth, would have expressed the same way.”immediately greeted the Social Democrat MP, Jens Zimmermann, chairman of the Germany-UK friendship group in the Bundestag, considering that his visit was a “very strong brand” of the closeness that remains between the two countries, despite the decision of the British to leave the European Union.

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