in Manchester, tories in full populist drift

At the Congress of the British Conservative Party, the ultras electrified the audience.

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In Manchester, October 2nd. OLI SCARFF / AFP

The room is acquired, the Tory delegates radiant. Facing his troops, his government in a row of onions, his father who made the move, sat to the right of Carrie Symonds, his girlfriend, the British Prime Minister is doing "Boris", Wednesday, October 2, for his closing speech at the annual conference of conservatives in Manchester.

Energetic and funny, with his floral vocabulary and his undeniable bagou, he holds his assistance. He pays the head of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader, leader of a party of"Semitic Marxist-fratricide", than "We will put into orbit"John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, and even Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party. Brexit? It's about a "Great opportunity", "Let's make it on October 31"he says, without giving any details as to the proposal for an agreement which he is supposed to send during the day in Brussels.

Boris Johnson humiliated by the Supreme Court, without a majority, questioned in newspapers about his relationship to women? He had to stay in London … Since Manchester, Prime Minister beats the campaign for a general election that everyone hopes close, brush a bright future for his country – "We will silence the skeptics! ". And promises investments all-out in the NHS sacrosanct, the British health system, transport, security, "All those things that concern people," and which conservatives will finally be able to devote "Once the Brexit has been realized".

"Political instrumentalization"

Adherence to "Boris" is palpable, without falling into idolatry, into the spans of Congress: many delegates seem to think that the suspicions of favoritism in favor of a friend, when he was mayor of London, or gesture inappropriate for a journalist, twenty years ago, are a set-up of the remainers. "Mr. Johnson is a decent person," believes a delegate, crossed on the stand of conservative women. "It's political instrumentalization," for a Bristol city councilor.

During their high mass, the conservatives especially appeared in full denial, in a hurry to finish with the Brexit, considered as a simple step to settle for finally being able " moving forward ". And on the edge of schizophrenia, tempted by populist rhetoric that is at odds with the party's historical values: pragmatism, the rule of law, respect for institutions.


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