fewer carriages, vegan oil and recycled crown on the program of a modernized ceremony

  • King Charles III is crowned this Saturday, May 6 in London, during a religious ceremony organized with all the pomp of which the British monarchy has the secret.
  • All that is missing is the enthusiasm of the public, more concerned about inflation than about this new but already 74-year-old king, who would like to adapt the centuries-old institution to his times, from the environment to diversity, but who is struggling to embody the revival and remains less popular than his heir, William.
  • Eight months after acceding to the throne on the death of Elizabeth II, at the age of 96, it is however the hour of public consecration for Charles, Head of State of the United Kingdom but also of fourteen other kingdoms, Canada to Australia via the Bahamas.
  • It will become the 40e British monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey since William the Conqueror in 1066. At his side will also be crowned Queen Camilla, 75, who for a long time lived in the shadow of Princess Diana.
  • We will follow the events throughout the day with our journalists on site. At 3 p.m., Marc-Olivier Bherer, from the Ideas department, will answer your questions on nostalgia for the empire.

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