Extinction Rebellion, banned from demonstrating in London, seizes justice

The local police issued Monday a ban order against the movement, whose actions cause, according to it, "serious disturbances" in the city.

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An activist of Extinction Rebellion in front of the British Parliament in London on October 15th. HENRY NICHOLLS / REUTERS

The ecologist movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) will challenge Wednesday, October 16 before the British justice ban to demonstrate in London. XR launched on October 7th a series of shock actions in the UK and around the world, titled "Autumn Uprising". Objective: to denounce the inaction of governments in the face of the climate crisis by disrupting the functioning of capitals.

But following protests in London's financial center on Monday, the police issued a blackout order against Extinction Rebellion and its "fall uprising," which would cause "Serious disturbances" in the city. Those who still continue to protest may be subject to arrest and prosecution.

This decision was strongly criticized. Amnesty International denounced "An unlawful restriction on freedom of expression". "If the fight against the collapse of climate and ecology, and for humanity, is against the rules, then the rules must be broken", responded in a tweet the Swedish Greta Thunberg.

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1,642 arrests in London

Following the ban, XR protesters were dislodged in the evening of Monday, Trafalgar Square, famous place in the heart of London. But they continued their actions the next day, especially before the Ministry of Transport and MI5 intelligence services.

The Labor mayor of the capital, Sadiq Khan, for his part, assured not to be the origin of the ban and claimed to have asked the police to " find a way " to allow "Those who want to protest the climate emergency" to be able to do it "Legally and peacefully".

However, the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, called for "supporting the police". "Officers from all over the country have done a tremendous job maintaining order during the Extinction Rebellion protests", she said on Twitter.

The police have made about 1,642 arrests in London since the beginning of the mobilization last week, according to the figures updated Wednesday.

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