Europhobe Nigel Farage will not run in the British legislative elections

The former translator says he prefers to travel the country to support the hundreds of candidates of his Brexit Party in the December 12 elections.

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Nigel Farage, founder of the Brexit Party, Sunday, November 3 on the BBC. JEFF OVERS / AFP

There will be no eighth attempt – for now at least. The europhobe Nigel Farage announced on Sunday, November 3, that he would not run in the British parliamentary elections on December 12, preferring to travel the country to support the hundreds of candidates of his Brexit Party.

"I thought very hard (to this question) "Mr. Farage, who has tried in the past seven times to be elected to the House of Commons, has been told by the BBC. "Do I find a seat and try to get elected to Parliament or do I serve the cause better by traveling the UK extensively and supporting 600 candidates? I decided that the last proposal is the right one ", justified the former 55-year-old tradesman, confident not wanting "Spend the rest of your life in politics".

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Boris Johnson's apology

Vehement as usual, Nigel Farage took the opportunity to attack again the exit agreement of the European Union, hardly negotiated by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. It's a "Brexit to remainer"he quipped. The electors "Must understand that in fact what is proposed is a close link with all the European institutions and a next negotiation phase of at least three years", did he declare.

Figure from the "Leave" camp in the June 2016 referendum, Nigel Farage called on Friday Boris Johnson to give up his Brexit agreement and join him in an alliance geared towards a tough Brexit for the legislative elections. An offer favorably received by US President Donald Trump that Nigel Farage, who is used to media hype, interviewed in his LBC radio show on Thursday.

But Boris Johnson declined the proposal and the Brexit Party will present its own candidates. Created last year, Nigel Farage's party came first in the European elections in May and poses a significant threat to the Conservative Party. On Sunday, Boris Johnson tried to limit the case to his pro-Brexit electorate by apologizing for failing to implement the divorce on Oct. 31.

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Came to power in July promising the Brexit " no matter the cost " at the end of October, Boris Johnson had sworn he would prefer to be "Dead at the bottom of a ditch" rather than ask for a third postponement. But he had to eat his hat and ask for a deadline until January 31, his divorce agreement negotiated with Brussels has not passed the test of Parliament. The Conservative leader expressed his "Deep regrets" Sunday on Sky News and defended the exit agreement hardly negotiated with the European Union. "Anyone who looks at our agreement can see that it is an excellent agreement"Boris Johnson hammered.

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