British MPs refuse to suspend Parliament during Congress of the Tories, another failure for Boris Johnson

The British parliamentary session resumed on Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruling that the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament was "illegal".

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Boris Johnson in the British Parliament, Wednesday 25 September. Jessica Taylor / House of Commons via AP

On the day after the forced parliamentary re-entry, Boris Johnson suffered another setback on Thursday (September 26th) when British MPs rejected a government motion calling for a parliamentary break next week, which would have allowed the Conservatives to attend the annual convention. their party, as is customary. The motion was defeated by 306 votes to 289.

The House of Commons met on Wednesday in a very tense atmosphere after the Supreme Court ruled that the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament was illegal. Describing the "Worst atmosphere" never seen in Parliament "In twenty-two years"The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, fired the members of Parliament Thursday morning and held a debate on their excesses, without being able to ease tensions.

On Wednesday's session: Boris Johnson returns to Parliament in an explosive atmosphere

"Highly condemnable"

In the midst of vociferations on both sides, the prime minister has accused opposition members of the opposition 15 times "A capitulation law" forcing him to request a postponement of Brexit to the European Union if he failed to reach an agreement with Brussels.

After Wednesday's meeting, Boris Johnson's own sister joined the flood of criticism of the British prime minister. "My brother uses words like" surrender "and" capitulation ", as if people are falling through the sacred will of the people (…) should be hanged, drowned, quartered, tarred and covered with feathers "said Rachel Johnson on the Sky News television channel. "I think it's highly reprehensible", denounced this journalist opposed to Brexit.

More specifically, about the murdered anti-Brexit MP Jo Cox, when Boris Johnson said that "The best way to honor (her) memory " was from "Implement Brexit"she felt that "It was particularly bad taste for those who mourn a mother, MP and friend". Boris Johnson refused to apologize Thursday for his remarks the day before, which made jump the opposition members. At the beginning of September, the head of the government had to face the humiliating resignation of his executive from his younger brother Jo, a fervent pro-European who disagrees with his elder's Brexit strategy.

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