Boris Johnson under investigation for favoritism

The British prime minister must explain on grants awarded to a young entrepreneur while he was mayor of London.

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Boris Johnson has two weeks to justify himself to the Greater London Authority over suspicion of favoritism. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP

As if a historic defeat against the Supreme Court, a Parliament is up against its policy and a Brexit to deliver in a month were not enough … Boris Johnson is now under police investigation for suspicions of conflict. interests and favoritism.

In question, his friendship, or rather, as the advance Sunday Times, first to reveal the story, its "Sexual affair" with Jennifer Arcuri, a 34-year-old Californian, almost as blonde as the Prime Minister. And the financial benefits that could have resulted. Ex-model, the young woman meets Boris Johnson for the first time in 2012. He is then mayor of London. She has just moved to the British capital and has become an entrepreneur in the technology sector. It is launching an innovation fair, Innotech, in which Mr. Johnson participates several times.

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His companies have benefited, according to Sunday Times, of more than 115,000 pounds of grants, mostly from London City Hall. Mme Arcuri, who returned to live in the United States, had, in the early 2010s, an apartment in the trendy Shoreditch district, and Mr. Johnson, at the time married his second wife (he has since divorced) , "Was a regular visitor".

Undated photo of Jennifer Arcuri, who would have benefited from financial benefits through her relationship with Boris Johnson in the early 2010s.
Undated photo of Jennifer Arcuri, who would have benefited from financial benefits through her relationship with Boris Johnson in early 2010. GUY LEWIS / AFP

"He's feminist"

"Everything was done in the rules" assured Prime Minister Sunday, September 29, Andrew BBC, the BBC's featured interviewer, about the subsidies Mme Arcuri. Mr. Johnson has two weeks to justify himself in writing to the Greater London Authority. Is there a problem, more generally, with women? Sunday, still in the Sunday Times, a weekly journalist, Charlotte Edwardes, revealed that the Prime Minister had pinched her thigh under the table, during a private dinner at the headquarters of the Spectator, which he was then the editor at the end of the 1990s, and that he had done the same thing to his right-wing neighbor.

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"This allegation is false" said a spokesman for 10 Downing Street on Sunday. "I know Charlotte and I have full confidence in what she says" said Matt Hancock, Johnson's health secretary. At the Conservative Congress in Manchester, two Tory MPs defended their prime minister: "He's a feminist," Rachel Maclean said. "He's an honest person, though he can sometimes seem like Frank Spencer in a porcelain shop (a particularly awkward character, a sitcom of the 1970s), nuanced Penny Mordaunt, former defense minister.


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