Boris Johnson tries to trigger early elections

Two opposition parties made a proposal to this effect. The Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats want to call an election on December 9.

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On the edge of a week he would have liked to be the Brexit but will be that of the third postponement, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries again Monday, October 28 to call an early election, but his chances seem slim.

Europeans agreed on the principle of a new deadline to avoid a "No deal" the consequences feared, and their response on the duration of the postponement is expected at the beginning of the week.

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The ambassadors of the 27 meet on Monday in the morning. According to European sources, the proposal on the table plans to postpone the Brexit by three months, to 31 January 2020, but with the possibility that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union (EU) on 30 November and 31 December in case ratification of the exit agreement before these deadlines.

Two previous failures

Since his return from Brussels, agreement in his pocket about ten days ago, Boris Johnson has managed to obtain unprecedented advances. He was also forced to request a postponement, he who said he would prefer "To be dead in a ditch" than to formulate such a request.

British MPs approved in principle Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement, but they rejected the forced-on-the-times schedule he wanted to impose on them, reducing his hopes of fulfilling his promise of a Brexit in the US. 31st October.

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For legislative elections, to be held on December 12, Boris Johnson will need Monday two-thirds of the vote in the House of Commons, or 434 votes. The Conservative Prime Minister, who no longer has a majority, has already failed twice in September.

Winning elections would give him some leeway. His ranks have been reduced by about twenty deputies – excluded from the party after voting against him – and his key ally to Westminster, the small unionist party Northern Ireland DUP (10 deputies), in favor of an exit from the EU , refuses the agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson.

A different proposal sent to Donald Tusk

Labor, the main opposition party, reiterated that it would only vote for general elections once the risk of an exit without agreement was removed. "We need to know what kind of postponement the EU will grant"BBC Diane Abbott, Labor Affairs Interior Affairs, said Sunday.

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Two other opposition groups, Europhiles, said they were ready to accept elections, but with a different plan. If the Brexit is postponed until the end of January, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Liberal Democrats, which bring together 54 deputies, want to introduce an amendment Tuesday to trigger elections on December 9. They would need for this only a simple majority.

Scottish nationalist Ian Blackford and Liberal Democratic Party leader Jo Swinson presented their proposal this weekend in a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk. The timetable set by both parties would prevent Boris Johnson from passing the law on his Brexit agreement before the dissolution of Parliament. A scenario politically unfavorable to the prime minister, whose party enjoys a large lead in the polls.

For his part, Boris Johnson has accused this weekend the deputies to retain the country " Held hostage ", refusing to support the holding of elections or its Brexit agreement.

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