Boris Johnson challenges the opposition to vote on a motion of no confidence

The British Prime Minister has spoken to MPs after the Supreme Court decision, which ruled the suspension of Parliament illegal.

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Boris Johnson in front of the London Parliament on 25 September. House of Commons / AP

"I want to do Brexit. " Boris Johnson has not changed his mind, and on Wednesday, September 25 before the elected Westminster, the British Prime Minister went so far as to challenge the opposition to vote a motion of no confidence and proposes to allow this vote Thursday .

This proposal, which proposes to the opposition to overthrow it, would allow, if the executive lost the vote, the opposition parties to try to form a government for two weeks. But if they fail in that time, it will trigger an election.

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"This Parliament must fade and let the government implement Brexit, or present a motion of censure and finally face the judgment of the voters," said Mr. Johnson. Members have "Until the end of the sitting today to present a motion of no confidence against the government. Go for it ! And we could vote it tomorrow "continued Boris Johnson. "Will they have the courage to do it? Or will they refuse to take responsibility? "he said, raising his voice to cover the boos of the opposition benches.

"For the good of this country, he must leave"

"What are they afraid of? "said the prime minister again. He criticized a "Paralyzed parliament" who "Will continue to sabotage negotiations" on Brexit with the European Union, and reiterated its calls for early parliamentary elections.

Such a vote could get him out of the quagmire – according to several opinion polls, the Conservative Party would lead in the event of an upcoming election. He would have more elbow room to deploy his strategy on Brexit, hitherto routinely defeated in Parliament since coming to power at the end of July.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labor
Jeremy Corbyn, HO / AFP Labor Leader

But the leader of the opposition, Labor Jeremy Corbyn, recalled that, if he wanted the resignation of Boris Johnson, he would not support the holding of elections as the threat of a Brexit without agreement, openly envisaged by Boris Johnson, would not be dismissed. So he wants first that a postponement of the exit of the EU – still officially scheduled for October 31 – be decided before calling for legislative. "No one can trust the prime minister. For the good of this country, he must leave "he said in front of a full and excited room.

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In the diplomatic field, Boris Johnson repeats having hope of being able to conclude a divorce agreement with Brussels, even if the European leaders are far from sharing his optimism.

"I think the court was wrong"

The Prime Minister was speaking the day after the Supreme Court decision to cancel the suspension of Parliament. The British deputies resumed their work that morning. Suspended since September 10, the Parliament was to remain until October 14, just two weeks from the expected date of Brexit, a decision endorsed by Queen Elizabeth II on the advice of Boris Johnson.

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But the request of the head of the Conservative government has been deemed illegal by the highest court in the country. This bitter setback dealt a serious blow to the prime minister's authority and sparked numerous calls for his resignation from the ranks of the opposition.

Referring to the decision of the Supreme Court, Boris Johnson said: "It is absolutely not disrespectful of me to say that I think the court was wrong. "

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