Boris Johnson bullied by parliament two days after confidence vote

“Nothing and no one will stop us from continuing to work”, launched Boris Johnson to Labor MP Angela Eagle, Wednesday, June 8. Two days earlier, nothing was less certain for the British Prime Minister, who was facing a vote of confidence from elected Conservatives. He retained the confidence of his party, narrowly, but emerged weakened from this political obstacle.

During the session of questions to the government, two days later, the elected representatives of the opposition did not fail to challenge him on the loss of legitimacy of his governance of the country. “Given the ease with which the Prime Minister breaks the law, will he pledge to the people of Northern Ireland that he will not break international law? »notably challenged the elected Northern Irishman Colum Eastwood, in reference to the “partygate” which almost caused the fall of the British leader, and the Irish situation, revived by the consequences of Brexit.

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