after postponing the vote on the agreement, what can happen?

MEPs did not finally decide on the content of the agreement of 19 October. There are only ten days left before the official exit date of the EU.

Ten days before the official release date of the United Kingdom from the European Union, time is running out for London and British MPs. On Saturday, October 19, the House of Commons passed a text, the Letwin amendment – the name of the member who introduced it – which requires all the necessary Brexit laws to be passed before it can actually leave the EU. which postpones the vote on the deal that was negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Twenty-Seven, two days ago.

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Boris Johnson has nevertheless been forced to make a request to postpone the date of his country's exit, as the law provides since September 4, 2019. Now, two unknowns remain: will Parliament validate the agreement, and when ? And, in parallel, what will be the position of the Twenty-Seven on the new report requested by London?

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