With the death of Al-Baghdadi, the Kurds lose their enemy and their autonomy

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, warns of the risk of retaliation after the death of the head of ISIS.

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In Hassake (Syria), on October 27th. Redur Khalil, a commander of the SDF, speaks to return to the death of Baghdad. LAURENCE GEAI FOR "THE WORLD"

The unconfirmed but awaited news of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death was known for a few hours on Sunday morning, October 27, when the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lined up near the exit of the border town of Amouda. twenty of their military vehicles, all flags outside. The deadline given to them on 22 October by Moscow and Ankara to leave the Kurdish towns on the border with Turkey, on pain of a massive resumption of the Ankara offensive, would end within twenty-four hours. come. Without revealing what was going on, a cadre of the Kurdish movement ensured that it was "Good news for everyone, for peace, for humanity".

In front of him, a line of American-made armored vehicles, pick-ups surmounted by anti-aircraft machine guns, various military trucks waited on the side of the road, turning their backs on the Turkish border. Fighters wear clean uniforms and carry well-oiled weapons. While Ankara's intervention comes in the third week, the military column, which looks like it's ready for a victory parade, is parked in the sun just over 10 km from Turkey.

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It can not be here to make war, but rather to stage one of its turns and, if possible, saving the face. We must therefore mark the blow by offering the cameras images of orderly withdrawal from two border locations that will be released a few hours later, before a column of vehicles of the Russian military police is seen, rolling in the opposite direction. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is dead. The Kurdish parenthesis can be closed. According to the turn of events, it would no longer be useful to anyone.

And yet, 70 kilometers away, south of the positions taken by the proto- cratic forces, the echoes of the war are still heard. In Tell Tamer Hospital, an international volunteer integrated with the Kurdish forces' medical support units found 15 wounded and four people killed on the spot following the fighting on the previous day with armed groups backed by Ankara in the region. Ras al-Ain. The young man claims to have received in the village villagers beaten by the protesters who, according to him, "Go wild in the countryside". A Northern European, he is one of those hundreds of foreigners, often left-wing activists, to get involved with the FDS, by adhering to their revolutionary project.


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