US sanctions Chinese companies for importing oil from Iran

The US secretary of state has left no sign of opening for a meeting between Trump and Rohani at the UN General Assembly.

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The Abadan refinery in southwestern Iran on 21 September. ESSAM AL-SUDANI / REUTERS

The United States imposed sanctions on Wednesday, September 25, against Chinese companies and their leaders, accused of "Knowingly carrying oil from Iran" in "Violation" of the US embargo, announced the head of the American diplomacy, Mike Pompeo.

During a speech in New York, where the Iranian issue is at the heart of the concerns of the UN General Assembly, the US Secretary of State explained that this was a start of implementation of the threat of Donald Trump, who promised, the day before at the UN platform, to "Harden" punishments "As long as Iran will continue to behave in a threatening manner".

"The risks of doing business"

"We say to China and to all countries:" Know that we will sanction any violation of our sanctions for each activity, "" added Pompeo at a conference organized by the pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran. He did not mention the companies and people targeted by these punitive measures, which add to a long list of sanctions against the Iranian economy.

Mike Pompeo also announced "New measures", which he did not detail, for "To separate the guardians of the revolution", elite unit of the army of the Islamic Republic, "The Iranian economy". "The United States will intensify its efforts to educate countries and businesses about the risks of doing business with Revolutionary Guards entities, and to warn them that we will punish them if they persist in defying our warnings. "

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While several European and Asian leaders have increased efforts since the beginning of the week at the UN to try to organize a meeting between Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani, Mike Pompeo, deemed to be a "Hawk" on this file, did not leave any sign of opening open.

Emmanuel Macron had estimated Tuesday night that "The conditions for a rapid resumption of negotiations" had been "Created" calling on both countries, in his speech at the podium, to have "The courage to build peace". However, Tehran calls for the reduction of sanctions before engaging any dialogue.


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