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This image, taken from October 2, 2020 surveillance camera footage obtained by the Doha News website, shows officials caring for an abandoned baby at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

Qatar announced Friday, October 30, that those responsible for forced gynecological examinations suffered by female passengers at Doha airport will be prosecuted after a wave of international outrage. “Those responsible for these violations and illegal actions have been referred to the public prosecutor”, the government said in a statement.

Women on ten flights from Doha were subjected to these exams after a newborn baby was found abandoned in an airport toilet on October 2. “The Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior expressed the most sincere apologies to the passengers who suffered the consequences” measures taken to find the mother of the newborn, the government said in its statement. On Wednesday, the government assured that an investigation “Complete and transparent” was going to be conducted.

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New Zealand revealed Thursday evening that one of its nationals had undergone the exams, calling the acts “Completely unacceptable”. “We were extremely concerned to learn that a New Zealand citizen was concerned by the appalling incident involving female passengers on several Qatar Airways flights”the country’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

This case also provoked the ire of Australia. According to the head of Australian diplomacy, Marise Payne, 18 women, including 13 Australians, are concerned. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday called the incident a“Appalling” and D’“Unacceptable”: “As the father of a daughter, I can only shudder at the idea that anyone, Australian or otherwise, could be subjected to this. “

“Unacceptable” incident

For its part, the British Foreign Office has indicated that it will provide its “Continued support for two British women following an incident in Doha. We have formally expressed our concern to the Qatari authorities and Qatar Airways, and we are seeking assurances that an unacceptable incident like this will not happen again ”, he said in a statement.

According to information from Agence France-Presse (AFP), a French woman aboard one of these planes is also among the victims.

A small country very rich in gas, Qatar has acquired international prestige through investments in the media, sport and culture. But this scandal is a blow to the efforts made by this Gulf emirate – which will be the first Arab country to organize the FIFA World Cup – to improve its image.

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