"The French football team should not go to Qatar in 2022"

The sad spectacle of the World Championships in Athletics in Doha, some of which endanger the integrity of athletes, raises the question of whether to participate in three years at the World Cup, say, in a forum in the "World", the mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse and the deputy.

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NOTWe are sports fans. Of all sports. We believe in the social importance of grassroots sport, the work of sports educators, but we also recognize high-level sports, major international competitions.

Despite the excesses of the sport show, which disconnect a small part of high-level athletes from the everyday reality of those who support and admire them, we see unique opportunities for shared moments beyond social differences, unity as, for example, during the victory of the French team at the last World Cup football.

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However, today we want to sound the alarm on the conditions of organization of some major international sports events, because some realities are no longer bearable: the organization by Qatar of the World Cup 2022 football makes part of them.

Investigation by the National Financial Office

First, because of the corruptive practices of this country. When Qatar was chosen, in general amazement, to organize this competition, everyone wondered why this choice had been made. We remember the controversies and suspicions that tainted this decision, surprising for all athletes.

It should be recalled that in France the National Financial Office (PNF) opened in 2016 a preliminary inquiry "Private corruption", "criminal conspiracy", "trading in influence" and "trading in influence" around the conditions for the attribution by the International Football Federation (FIFA) of the 2018 Football World Cups in Russia and 2022 in Qatar?

Two other PNF surveys are underway on the conditions for obtaining, in 2014, the organization of World Athletics Championships, entrusted by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) to Qatar, currently taking place in Doha.

A shameless waste of fossil energy

Secondly, because the conditions of construction of the eight stadiums, hotels and the necessary infrastructure are absolutely unworthy of the XXIe century: it is estimated that one death per day the human toll of these sites: by 2022, there will be more than 1,000 so; most workers live in inhuman conditions, both in terms of the length of their working day (twelve to fourteen hours, despite the heat) and the absence of any social protection other than remuneration.


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