The death of Baghdadi, a success that does not dispel questions about US strategy

The nature of the American operation in which the leader of the Islamic State organization, who has been cooperating in the field with the Kurds, died, rightly underlines the risks of the withdrawal of US special forces from northern Syria.

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In an almost childlike gesture, Donald Trump could not contain himself. " Something huge has just happened! He had written on his Twitter account, Saturday, October 27 in the evening. Immediately, his press service had promised "An important announcement" for the next morning 9 o'clock at the White House, while the identity of the person killed during an American raid in Syria and suspected of being Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader and founder of the Islamic State organization (EI ), was being confirmed by the Pentagon.

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" He died like a dog, he died like a coward Assured Donald Trump on Sunday, who followed the live operation through onboard cameras by special forces. The President of the United States recounted in detail the last moments of the jihadist leader, describing a baghdadi entrenched in a tunnel without issues with three of his children taken hostage, killed in the detonation of the explosive belt he was wearing.

" He cried, whined, he did not die as a hero Continued the president, who had previously recalled at length the horrors and the unheard-of level of violence practiced by the terrorist nebula. Dogs and a robot, he said, were used in this last phase. The explosion caused a partial collapse of the tunnel according to him.

Donald Trump: "We do not go there by knocking the door," knock knock, can I come in? ""

The President of the United States said he went to the "Situation Room" of the White House at 5 pm on Saturday to attend the entire operation, which he was obviously pleased to narrate. Donald Trump told about the plasticization of the entrance of the complex where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi had taken refuge – "Because we're not going to knock on the door," knock knock, can I come in? "". The President of the United States thanked Russia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and its Kurdish allies for the help they provided, the first two for allowing unhindered the flow of US special forces through the air.

This announcement is great news for the US President, who is barely successful outside the US borders and weakened by an indictment by the House of Representatives. Donald Trump is indeed accused of having used his power, by freezing an American aid to Ukraine, to obtain from Kiev investigations aimed at his political opponents.


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