Reduced to seek the reinforcement of Damascus, Kurds mourn the end of a world

The Syrian Democratic Forces had to resolve to reach an agreement with the regime to counter the Turkish offensive in the north of the country.

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A child mourns the death of a family member killed in the Turkish "Source of Peace" operation in Kamechliye on 12 October. LAURENCE GEAI FOR THE WORLD

At the Hospital of Mercy in Kamechliyé, the largest Kurdish city in Syria, the world seems to have collapsed on Sunday 13 October. A man screams in pain, the skin of the face in tatters, while a caregiver straps his leg and another, impassive, inscribed with marker on his torso medical instructions. A sexagenarian nurse, eyes excessively painted, observes the scene, standing in the crowd. Dr. Shamel's blood on his green blouse is all gone. He has just stitched up a deep wound. "Trump, Macron, Johnson … you used us, now you get rid of us! The only ones responsible for all this is this coalition of liars, this Council of security of liars, these countries of liars ", says Dr. Shamel, in furious, desperate English.

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A man who passes in the hall, put upside down, speaks again: "What did you do to us Kurds? " The screaming wounded, the burns, the broken bodies, the despair that reigns in the small district hospital of Kamechliyé, are the echoes of a massacre to the still hot victims. Earlier in the day, the Turkish artillery decimated a convoy of civilians, flanked by Kurdish forces, heading for Ras Al-Ain, about 100 kilometers to the west to protest, in their invasion led by Turkey and its Islamist militias. At least 10 have died, bringing the number of casualties since the start of the Turkish offensive on 9 October to 60 civilians and 104 Kurdish fighters, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH). Among the stream of wounded in this convoy is the screaming man at the Hospital of Mercy.

Massoud had a belly punctured by a Turkish bombardment. He is being treated in the emergency room of Faraman Hospital, Kamechliye, on October 12th.
Massoud had a belly punctured by a Turkish bombardment. He is being treated in the emergency room of Faraman Hospital, Kamechliye, on October 12th. LAURENCE GEAI FOR THE WORLD

130,000 people on the roads in five days

Outside, the dark night of Kamechliye is covered with armed men, incandescent cigarette tips and sinister rumors. The communications are bad but we know that the Turkish army and its soldiers are advancing in the country, that the border is overflowed for a long time. In five days, 130,000 people were thrown on the roads. Their overloaded vans have seen their sweaty faces, their flower covers piled up in the back. Mobile phone screens are saturated with images of summary executions, unverifiable information, photographs of panicked children, and dead children as well. The defeat took less than a week to settle. And, Monday at dawn, the deadly regime of Bashar al-Assad will return, all colors out in the streets of northeastern Syria.


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