Israel responds to rockets fired from the Gaza Strip

Two weeks have passed since an episode of violence between the Jewish state and an armed group in Gaza. Two rockets were fired on Tuesday (November 26th) from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, the Israeli army said in response to a series of shootings targeting Hamas. "Fighter planes hit Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip"said Wednesday the Israeli army in a statement.

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A weapons manufacturing site and underground infrastructure were among the targeted targets, according to the forces of the Jewish state. At least two sites of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement in Gaza, have been hit, as well as a site controlled by Islamic Jihad, another Palestinian armed group, a security source in Gaza said.

On Tuesday, the warning siren sounded around the Israeli town of Sderot, near the Palestinian enclave. "Two shots have been identified from the territory of the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory"said the army, saying that one of the two projectiles had been intercepted by the missile shield "Iron Dome" (kipat barzel, in Hebrew). She did not specify what happened to the other projectile.

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Cease fire in effect since November 14

The shooting comes nearly two weeks after the end of a cycle of violence between Gaza and Israel. On 12 November, the Israeli army conducted a targeted operation in the Palestinian territory against an Islamic Jihad commander who responded with a rocket fire at Israel.

In response to these rockets, the Israeli army had increased the strikes on the enclave, according to it, elements of Islamic Jihad.

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After two days of clashes, which left 35 dead in the Gaza Strip and none in Israel, target of 450 rockets, Islamic Jihad and the Jewish state had approved a precarious ceasefire that came into force on 14 November .


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